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Wolverhampton Locksmiths

Wolverhampton locksmiths offer the most advanced locksmith service throughout the West Midlands and Wolverhampton WV1 3LL area. We provide a variety of security services and offer full emergency locksmith coverage when it comes to ensuring your safety. Every Wolverhampton Locksmith is a local, professional and well-trained individual, who can support a full range of locksmith services including:

  • Auto locksmith - Assistance for broken car keys and lost car keys
  • Emergency locksmith -24 Hour locksmith services by professional, fast, and reliable locksmiths in Wolverhampton.
  • Lock picking - Our team will open your lock if you lost the correct key, without damaging the lock.
  • Installation of high security locks - we offer a wide selection of anti-snap locks with for your home or office. You can choose the brand and the security level of the lock according to your needs and budget.
  • Electronic locks - We provide locking solutions for all types of electric and electronic door.
  • Lock replacement and locked door solutions - locksmiths Wolverhampton can help you if you had a burglary at your home and you want to change your lock or you are stuck outside your house.

Professional lock and key services

With years of experience in the lock and key business we are proud to say that we can tailor a proper security solution for any property, be it a house, commercial building, office, restaurant or store. Every locksmith Wolverhampton acknowledges that every property has its special security requirements and due to our daily practice, we can spot the weakness of each property and offer the owner that extra security he is looking for.

Locksmith Jobs

Below are examples of some of our most recent jobs:

  • Client called to have lock replacements in her new home. Locksmith arrived and was able to re key the front door lock saving on the cost of installing a whole new fixture, and replaced 3 Yale Patio door locks in the sun room. At the same time a quick home security assessment was carried out and a new window ventilation lock allowing the window to open up to a maximum 75mm for ventilation and acting as a child safety feature as well as blocking access to intruders was added to all windows on the top floor.
  • A commercial building in Wolverhampton required door closures added throughout the property. Surface mounted Panic bolts were also added conforming to the specific insurance requirements.
  • Customer called for a lock out service. Key was left on the inside of the door and the door closed behind leaving a two year old on his own inside. Our Rapid response and the urgency of the situation ensured a locksmith was on site in less than 10 minutes and the child was out before realising what had happened.

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